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These digital stories demonstrate that it is far more powerful and transformative for people to create and share their own movies. The process of people telling their stories in their own voices is as powerful for the storyteller as the end product is for the audience. Participants produce the stories themselves; they are the ones who speak, who decide what is said, and how it is said. Participants’ stories are not mediated through another nor are they (re)presented. Through the storytelling they represent themselves. The stories are often made by participants with no experience in media or with technology. “Digital stories are not slick or smooth products but are powerful because they are created by the storyteller, whatever their skill level and are entirely personal. It is a revolutionary act to take control of our voices and the technology to speak of our own lives.” (From an article – “Digital Storytelling: All our stories are true and they are ours!)

We share, with the permission of the storytellers, some digital stories created at workshops hosted or co-facilitated by, APC Women’s Rights Programme, from 2007, when we were first introduced to this methodology by APC member, Women’sNet and the StoryCentre.