Palitha’s Journey

31 Jan Palitha’s Journey

In Palitha’s story he talks about visiting his hometown as a human rights activist. He was at the temple with his family for his father’s 1st year death anniversary. It was there that he met an old friend. He wanted to meet his friend but he felt that something was different. His friend questioned him about Palitha’s life and asked him why he doesn’t come to the village anymore. His friend also began to question him about his sexuality and religion. He also went on to say that being homosexual would destroy the morality of Sri Lanka. Palitha explained to him about how it was a matter of privacy and then everyone is entitled to their rights. Palitha was also afraid that his sexuality would bring shame and trouble to his family. He offers his friend a lift and said to himself that he was ready for any of the obstacles that lies ahead. This story is in Sinhalese.