APC Women’s Rights Programme

The APC Women’s Rights Programme (WRP) has facilitated digital storytelling workshops since 2007. On this platform we share, with permission, a few of the digital stories produced by participants at various workshops we’ve facilitated over the years.

Projects are often collaborations with APC members and partners. We have co-facilitated workshops with organisations such as:

We’ve used digital stories in our projects to gain a deeper understanding of people’s experiences, for documentation of projects, for evaluation, and increasingly as powerful tools for advocacy. We’ve witnessed and facilitated women taking control of technology to speak their own powerful stories of courage and transformation.

Working with diverse groups – including survivors of gender-based violence, transgender sex workers, people living with disabilities, sexual rights activists, internet rights activists and young lesbians – WRP has seen how powerfully this methodology can heal at a deep individual level, build stronger networks, and gather evidence for advocacy.


Feminist Tech eXchange (FTX) creates safe spaces of exchange and experience where the politics and practice of technology are informed by local, concrete and contextual realities of women. These spaces aim to build collective knowledge and ownership. Our political framing and tool for analysis are the Feminist Principles of the Internet, which shape and inform our work. The FPIs build our case for a safe, open, diverse and gender-just internet.