Violence Against Women

The pandemic of violence against women (VAW) globally, means that many of our digital storytelling workshops focus on women’s stories of violence. APC Women’s Rights Programme has hosted and co-facilitated a few workshops with the theme of VAW from the perspective of survivors and that of those who have witnessed VAW or are working in the field of VAW prevention.

A reflection from a participant who created her digital story about the impact of a woman who had survived an acid burn attack in Pakistan in 2010, shows how digital storytelling is always about the “I” (never telling someone else’s story but rather how that story impacts on us) but how our stories are so interwoven and how we learn from each others’ stories.
“Her story might have daunted me but her strength and courage overwhelmed and even empowered me. At that point I decided I would do whatever it takes to help, support and facilitate her. I was impressed by how she had taken the bold step of coming forward, taking her life in control and deciding what was best for her,” journalist and activist Sana Masood in a digital story she created at a Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX) workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan, 2010.